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Our Research Team with International Standards

GAM Research boasts a strong team consisting of almost one hundred high-calibre analysts with excellent education background and wide experience in domestic and international capital markets. Our research covers global macro economies, financial markets, commodities and listed companies. We deliver world-class research services to domestic and international investors, listed companies and government bodies. Our unbiased, independent and rigorous research has earned us a reputation as the most influential research institution in Hong Kong's capital market.

Extensive Coverage

Our areas of expertise include:

Independent and Unbiased

Our brand name and market influence are built around independence and impartiality. GAM has established a full set of rules to ensure the independence of Research Department in accordance with international best practice. The Research Department reports directly to GAM Management and inter-departmental firewalls avoid conflicts of interest. GAM's Compliance and Legal Departments formulate stringent standards and procedures so that all research is based on solid facts and sound reasoning.

Advising on Securities Service

GAM offers:

  1. Research services on specific listed companies
  2. Research services on unlisted companies or Pre-IPO projects
  3. Research services on Private Equity Investments
  4. Advise on clients existing portfolio strategies, performance and rebalance tactics

Kindly contact our licensed representatives for more details on our services.

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